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Water Quality Report 2021
 Download CCR 2021

Hey! My water tastes/smells funny! Find out the possible reasons.

Effective October 1, 2017:
Payments for your water service that are issued from your Online Banking website will now be received at the District office electronically as opposed to a paper check via USPS; for prompter delivery of your payments. For this convenience and in compliance with MoMRS 139.055, the District will apply a convenience fee of $0.35 per electronic transaction to your account.

Water Rate Increase.
JACO Water District 12 has increased water rates effective January 1, 2023. The increase was based on a recent rate study performed by District engineers and is a result of annual rate and supply increases imposed by the District's suppliers. The average user, 5000 gallons, will see a monthly increase of approximately $2.50. See Rates & Fees for details.

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Customer's Corner
If you are a new customer wishing to start water service within the District, please return or e-mail the completed Water Service Application after reviewing and agreeing to the terms outlined in our Customer Handbook.

Note:To avoid service interruption, we will need the Water Service Agreement, $100 deposit (cash, check or money order) and a copy of your photo ID. You will have 5 business days from the day you start service.

If you would like to sign up for our automated payment service, please download the ACH/EFT processing agreement.You will need to provide a voided check.

We only provide water service. City of Greenwood provides services for sewer and trash. Contact them at 816-537-6969.

Contractor's Information
If you are a home builder wishing to start water service within the District, please return or e-mail the completed Builder Service Application.

If you are a building a new house and need water tap specifications, please download the District's New Installation Specifications here.

Front Desk
Got a question, send us an
email, and we'll see what we
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Asked Questions

Office Hours
7:30 am – 4:30 pm

Closed daily:
12-1 pm

Holiday Schedule 2022
New Years Day- Jan 1st
Martin Luther King- Jan 20th
President's Day- Feb 17th
Memorial Day- May 25th
Independence Day- July 4th
Labor Day- Sept 7th
Thanksgiving- Nov 26th & 27th
Christmas- Dec 25th

Directions to the Office


***October 14, 2022***

We are having foundation work done to our building, which will affect the Customer door. Please use the "Board of Directors" door for customer entrance.

The foundation repair should take about a month to complete. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

***What is Primacy?***

Every June we charge a primacy fee for the entire year.

From Missouri's Department of Natural Resources:

"...The primacy fee is a user fee, paid by the customers of Missouri's public water supply systems and set by state law..."

"...The primacy fee provides funding necessary to implement the federal and state Safe Drinking Water Act regulations and maintain delegation of the federal public drinking water program."

Note: The Primacy fee has increased this year, from $3.00/year to $4.52/year.

**Important Online Payment Info**


Balances are now available when you pay online through PSN.

Please Note:

Balances are subject to change. For the most accurate balance, please contact our office at 816-537-6856.

Water bills are due no later than the 21st of every month. A late penalty of 10% of the balance due will be applied to the account by 8:00 am the following business day.

Disconnection  of water service for non-payment of past due amount is the 2nd Tuesday of every month. If you have a past due amount, it must be paid prior to 8:00 am on the 2nd Tuesday, or you may call and request an extension (payment arrangement). Note: Payment arrangements will not be granted on the 2nd Tuesday. It must be made anytime before this day.

Update (12/09/20):

E-Mail received from KC Water regarding taste and smell of water:

"We did experience a change in taste over the past couple of weeks. It was the result of changing river conditions and treatment modifications. For the most part, those challenges have been addressed and the water is tasting much better for most of our customers. However, it does take time for the water to get through the system and we expect Jackson County customers to have better water very soon. Throughout this, the water has remained safe. It continues to meet all regulatory standards. We take this seriously and are doing out best to deliver a high quality product.

Thank you for your patience.

KC Water"

Our office will be closed on Friday, July 3, 2020, for observance of Independence Day. We will be back in the office on Monday, July 6th. Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

As of right now, our lobby is still closed to the public. It will be a month-by-month basis of when it will reopen.

We are still accepting payments by phone, online and our dropbox in front of the building.


Effective Immediately (03/19/20):

We will be closing our office doors, but we will still remain open for business via phone, mail, electronically and dropbox.

To pay through the dropbox: Account # or address on check and/or envelope. Cash accepted also. You can request a receipt to be mailed, e-mailed or through the dropbox.

To pay over the phone: Call us at 816-537-6856 to pay by check or credit/debit card.

To pay online: Click the link above to pay your bill online. You will need your account # and the amount you want to pay. Call us if you need that information.


If you are starting new service, you can download and print the service agreement over here on the right, "Customer's Corner". You can e-mail the form (there are 2 pages) and a copy of your photo ID or put them in the dropbox. We will also need $100 deposit (cash, check or money order; no cards) which can also be put into the dropbox.


Jackson County PWSD #12 is not affiliated with the website DOXO.

You can pay your water bill online here.


What's New
January 13, 2020

We will be closed Monday, January 20th, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.
We will reopen at regular hours on Tuesday, January 21st.


Protect Pipes When Temperature Drops

Here are some suggestions for protecting your pipes.

We provide water to all of the residents and businesses in Greenwood as well as the area East of the City in Jackson County extending to 7 Hwy. The District has 2 sources of water. We purchase most of our water from the City of Kansas City and the remaining water from Tri- County Water Authority. To deliver the water, we have a 1 million gallon elevated storage tank located at Allendale Rd and Spruce Drive with over 25 miles of water mains. Our water system has been in the process of and continues to upgrade, add and install new water distribution improvements to better serve you, our customers.

Water Rates and Fees
Follow this link for detailed water rates and fees.

How to read your meter
Many customers have asked us for a guide to help them understand how to read their own service meter. Follow this link for a detailed description and tutorial of how to read your home or business water service meter.

The best way to save on your water bill is to conserve. Take a moment and check out our Conservation page and 25 ways to save water.

Sewer Shutoff's
The Missouri General Assembly passed legislation forcing public water supply districts in the State of Missouri to turn off a customer's water service for non-payment of sewer bills. Jackson County Public Water District 12 is required by law to terminate a customers water service for non-payment of a City of Greenwood sewer bill even if your water service account is current with JCPWSD12.
Sewer Shutoff Policy.

Source Water Assessment Protection
SWAP program was established under the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. To find out more, follow this link to the SWAP Report. For additional information on water quality visit the MO DNR website.

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